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Volume 15 (Issue 2)

Artificial Intelligence Enabled Cyber Fraud: A Detailed Look into Payment Diversion Fraud and Ransomware

Alana Maurushat, Abubakar Bello & Braxton Bragg

Hitting the White Ball: The Technology Neutrality Principle and Blockchain-Based Applications

Anne Veerpalu & Eduardo da Cruz Rodrigues e Silva

It’s Raining Crypto: The Need for Regulatory Clarification When it Comes to Airdrops

Carol R. Goforth

Regulators Nurturing Fintech Innovation: Global Evolution of the Regulatory Sandbox as Opportunity-Based Regulation

Deirdre Ahern

The Case for Regulating Crypto-Assets

Jaideep Reddy

Competition Law Limits on Ride Sharing Enterprises – Taking into Account the Experience in India

Max Huffman

Trust Me: Combining Online Dispute Resolution, Law and Blockchain Technology

Tina van der Linden

The Changing Landscape of Intermediary Liability for
E-Commerce Platforms: Emergence of a New Regime

Vasundhara Majithia

The Conundrum of ‘Relevant Market’: Market Definition in India’s Complex TV Distribution Business

Vibodh Parthasarathi

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