The Curious Case of Blockchain and Competition law – Exploring the Unprecedented Pathway

About the author:

Aman Shankar is a 4th year law student at Symbiosis Law School NOIDA. He has a profound interest in Technology Law, IPR and Competition Law. He regularly writes on topical issues concerning the intersection of Law and technology.


The purpose of the present article is to bring to the horizon two varied yet intersecting concepts that can be the new regulatory and business ecosystem. We are going to dive into the technology of ‘Blockchain’ and then inject the regulatory vires of competition law into it. Blockchain in Competition law is new and exciting and is yet to realize its true potential. The attempt is to initiate a thought leadership process, highlighting and critically examining the benefits and concerns that may arise.

In an attempt to simplify the intricacies of Blockchain and competition law the OECD published a paper and very recently, the first Policy of Blockchain governance has been rolled out by the Tamil Nadu State government in India, which aims to bring Blockchain in government offices (