Big Tech and Horizontality (Part I): Lessons from America

About the Author: Aniket Aggarwal is a commercial litigator and technology lawyer practicing in Delhi, India. His practice and research primarily revolve around matters arising out of contracts, misuse of technology, and debts gone bad. He loves reading mythology and listening to jazz.

Governments around the world are encircling the ubiquity of big tech companies. Having proposed sweeping legislation (Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act) to regulate conduct on the internet, Europe leads as the top tech regulator. Similar norms are also being blueprinted in the United States and China, actively cutting big tech down to size. India too introduced heavy-handed guidelines to regulate social and digital media. The global crackdown on the technology industry does not stem from a singular contention; in fact, the issues awaiting clarification are as diverse as the jurisdictions from where they spring. In addition to promoting regulation in fairly commercial domains, such as competition and