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Vol. 10 (2014)

Overcoming India’s Food Security Challenges: The Role Of Intellectual Property Management And Technology Transfer Capacity Building

Stanley P. Kowalski , Aarushi Gupta And Ifica Mehra.

The growth of the Indian economy after Independence has had little impact on the food security of the country. The paper analyses the development of advanced crop varieties through the use of agricultural technologies (hereinafter "agbiotech") within the technology transfer system, a framework which comprises of the interactions of intellectual property rights law and agricultural research and development in India. Through this, the author argues that agricultural innovation in India is failing due to the absence of connections within the technology transfer system and advocates for the creation of a national program aimed at advancing IP and tech-transfer capacity in agbiotech.


Director, International Technology Transfer Institute (ITTI), University of New Hampshire School of Law, Concord, NH, USA

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